Venue Pricing

An affordable single location wedding and event center for rehearsal dinners, social and corporate events. Arbor Pointe offers custom wedding and event packages to fit every level of our clients needs, from minimalistic to extravagant and anything in between. We can accommodate up to 150 guests for a seated dinner inside and up to 250 outdoor under tents. The outdoor guest seating is located under our beautiful shade trees creating a wonderful "Hill Country" atmosphere. We can also host smaller events anywhere from 10-50 people.

We offer a pre-designed wedding package to both give our clients a place to start and save them money. We then take our clients ideas and create a custom package to fit exactly what they desire. At Arbor Pointe we know every client is different and wants to include their own personal touches to make their event special. Coordinators assist our clients to incorporate their own personal designs making every event at Arbor Pointe unique. Although exact pricing is determined through personal consultations, wedding prices start at $4000 and social event prices start at $1000. Please contact us today to schedule your tour. We look forward to meeting you!


Creating Your Budget

Congratulations! You are engaged! What is the next step? I know you are excited and want to start seeing fairy tale wedding venues immediately to find your perfect spot before your date is booked, but hold on a minute. Whether your family is paying for the wedding or you and your fiancé will be shelling out the funds yourselves, you need to create a realistic budget. Money management is VERY important in the process of wedding planning and you can go over your budget very quickly if you are not educated on the area where you will be having your wedding and if you are not aware of everything you will be spending money on and even your own spending habits.


I know you have probably done a lot of research and reading and just about every budget template you come across has average percentages based on national statistics. That’s fine for finding out how much money is spent on each wedding element such as facility, catering, photography etc. on average across the United States but I am here to tell you that not every wedding market charges the same fees so how can those “average percentages” apply to you or be a good fit? Businesses set their fees based on supply and demand which is why a Hawaiian resort cost more to book than a Padre Island, TX hotel. My first suggestion is to do research on what the vendors in the area you are getting married charge. Then, you need to make yourself aware of everything you will be spending money on.


There will be a cost for every person attending your wedding. The budget is directly linked to the guest count. The higher the number of people you have attending your wedding, the more money you will spend. Keep that in mind when you are setting your budget. Food and Beverage is charged per person and wedding rentals (tables, chairs, china, napkins, etc.) are based on the guest count. These together will be the highest costs of your wedding. Give yourself more money if you plan to invite 250 guests than if you plan to invite 100. Conversely if you have already overspent and need to save money, the quickest way to do that is to cut the guest count. The invitations don’t go out until four-to-eight weeks before the wedding so you have until that time to cut the count if you just can’t find the funds to increase the budget.

My next suggestion is to analyze yourself and your spending habits. Do you spend more of your money on clothes than any other area of your life? If so, my bet is that you are all about the dress and the way you and your new husband will look as a couple walking up the aisle as you have just been pronounced man and wife. Are you all about the party? Do you go out to eat a lot and love to dance in an elegantly decorated lounge? Then I’m sure that you will put a lot of emphasis on the wedding venue and the food and beverage that you serve your guests. Prioritize! This is how you make those percentages work for you. Rank the following items from 1 to 11 (1 being the highest) and then give more of a budgetary percentage to those things that you ranked higher. Make sure that you also keep in mind what local vendors charge on an average.

• Food
• Entertainment
• Liquor
• Décor – Ambience/Floral
• Service
• Photography
• Convenience
• Friends and Family

• Apparel/Hair-Makeup
• Spirituality
• Venue


Now you are armed with the knowledge you need about fees charged in the place you are getting married and your own spending habits. I have created a budget template that I use with my clients and if you would like a copy of it, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This is an itemized list of just about every major category money will be spent on during the planning process. This template is for those couples who are paying for the weddings themselves as that is a higher percentage of my clientele. If your family is paying for your wedding, then delete the following line items as those are yours and your groom’s responsibilities: Groom’s Attire, Rings, Officiant, Transportation, Lodging, Rehearsal Dinner and Gifts. Use the template and play with some numbers. Insert a budget amount of say $15,000 where notated, prioritize your desires and then start adding in percentages. Keep in mind that food and beverage, venue, and décor will add up to take the majority of your budget (anywhere from 50 to 75%). Feel free to contact me if you need help utilizing this template. 

Now you have a budget in place so it’s time to schedule those venue tours! Happy Planning!

by Michelle Bromley, PWC

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